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June Fly Fishing for Tarpon off the Florida Panhandle

Florida Panhandle Tarpon season

Mid May is a week away and I will be relocating from South Florida back up to the Panhandle in a few weeks.  I have been in the Everglades for the last 6 weeks guiding anglers through this famous laid up tarpon fishery.  In the last weeks […]

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Fly Fishing Panhandle Tarpon

Fly Fishing Panhandle tarpon

The Panhandle Tarpon season is almost upon us!  If you have not secured your dates thus far make sure to do so soon.  June – October are the best months for the northern Gulf of Mexico.  The tarpon have migrated north in search of the perfect water […]

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Fly Fishing for Tarpon in Apalachicola

Apalachicola Tarpon Guides

Spring is here and I will be heading to the Everglades from April 1st till May 15th for the spring tarpon season.  A few mid April and mid May dates are available still in this undisputed early season fishery.  May 20th starts the Panhandle season.  Our early […]

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March Louisiana Fly Fishing Redfish

Louisiana Fly Fishing in March

March is right around the corner promising high pressure with blue sky’s and cool temps.  The Bull Redfish fly fishing during March has been one of my favorite months in Louisiana.  The redfish are very comfortable on their daily search for food which is abundant this time […]

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2019 Florida Panhandle Tarpon Season

Fly Fishing tarpon

  Happy New Year everyone!  With the new year brings thoughts of warm temps and the beautiful flats of the Florida Gulf Coast.  April is nearing and so is the annual migration of Tarpon.  These fish are by far the greatest gift to the fly fisherman.  From […]

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New Orleans Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Bull Redfish

It’s November in Louisiana and the Bull Redfish are comfortably moved into the Marsh.  They can finally be found in the shallow ponds of the Marsh tailing and cruising the shores with exposed backs.  This is when Fly Fishing for the redfish is at it’s best in […]

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Louisiana Bull Redfish

Louisiana Bull Redfish Fly Fishing

Well this October here in Louisiana got off to a rough start with unseasonably warm temps but things are on track now.  The schools of Bull Redfish have moved into the marsh allowing Fly Fisherman the opportunity to sight fish them with ease.  The last few weeks […]

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Louisiana Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Louisiana

Fall 2018 is almost upon us with cool weather and floating Bull Redfish just around the corner.  The Louisiana marsh has long been known as the location for multiple shots at Redfish over 30 pounds.  Fly Fishing this destination does not disappoint on the angling side of […]

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Tarpon of a lifetime!

Florida tarpon Fly Fishing

A fish of a lifetime for both Angler and Guide.  A true dinosaur of 210lbs.  I have hooked a few of these mythical creatures in my career but up until now it has never lasted very long.  On June 20th at around 5pm we had the perfect […]

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Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide

Louisiana Redfish Fly Fishing Guide

With tarpon season in full swing in Florida it’s common to be pretty distracted this time of year but don’t let your fall Louisiana redfish fly fishing trip slip by!  We are currently booking our calendar for next season.  Make sure to contact us for your dates.  […]

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