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Fly Fishing Louisiana Bull Redfish in November

Louisiana Bull Redfish in November

November is approaching soon bringing cooler temps and Bull Redfish in plentiful numbers to the flats of the Louisiana Marsh.  The cool air temps will in turn lower the water temp which causes the sediments to settle more quickly.  The water’s of the marsh are then left […]

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Louisiana Fly Fishing Charters with Captain Doug Henderson

Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide

Well it’a almost October which leads off the the best time of year for Louisiana Fly Fishing.  The fall and winter is the best time to be in Louisiana Fly Fishing if you are interested in the true (Bull) Redfish.  The cooler months are more comfortable for […]

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Best months for Louisiana Fly Fishing

Louisiana Fly Fishing for the worlds largest Redfish begins soon!  The Louisiana Redfish season starts on October 1st and run’s through the end of March.  These are the months of October, November, December, January, February, & March.  The weather in the South East begins it’s cooling trend […]

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Guided Fly Fishing in the Louisiana Marsh

Fly Fishing Louisiana Redfish

The fall season will quickly be upon us as we near the end of August.  The weather will make a turn for the less volatile and cooler temps.  In other words the late summer afternoon thunderstorms will not be a daily occurrence allowing for less worry of […]

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Fall Louisiana Fly Fishing Season

Louisiana Fly Fishing

The fall Louisiana Fly Fishing season is coming soon!  If you have not had the chance to sight fish the Louisiana Bull Redfish yet then I would highly recommend grabbing your spot on the calendar for the 2019 season.  The last 14 years have proven that this […]

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August & September Fly Fishing Tarpon Florida Panhandle

September Fly Fishing Florida Panhandle

As school season starts the tarpon flats of north Florida are still teaming with fish but have less pressure than the summer break months.  This time of year is allot of fun with nice weather and low guide pressure.  We still get migratory strings as well as […]

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June Fly Fishing for Tarpon off the Florida Panhandle

Florida Panhandle Tarpon season

Mid May is a week away and I will be relocating from South Florida back up to the Panhandle in a few weeks.  I have been in the Everglades for the last 6 weeks guiding anglers through this famous laid up tarpon fishery.  In the last weeks […]

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Fly Fishing Panhandle Tarpon

Fly Fishing Panhandle tarpon

The Panhandle Tarpon season is almost upon us!  If you have not secured your dates thus far make sure to do so soon.  June – October are the best months for the northern Gulf of Mexico.  The tarpon have migrated north in search of the perfect water […]

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Fly Fishing for Tarpon in Apalachicola

Apalachicola Tarpon Guides

Spring is here and I will be heading to the Everglades from April 1st till May 15th for the spring tarpon season.  A few mid April and mid May dates are available still in this undisputed early season fishery.  May 20th starts the Panhandle season.  Our early […]

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March Louisiana Fly Fishing Redfish

Louisiana Fly Fishing in March

March is right around the corner promising high pressure with blue sky’s and cool temps.  The Bull Redfish fly fishing during March has been one of my favorite months in Louisiana.  The redfish are very comfortable on their daily search for food which is abundant this time […]

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