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Louisiana Marsh Fly Fishing Guide

Louisiana Fly Fishing

Another November in the books!  The weather this month was perfect with 3 micro cold fronts that kept the water temps from 50-62 degrees. The water has been Gin clear.  During the times the water has touched the higher temps the Bull Redfish had a tendency to […]

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November Fly Fishing in Louisiana

Fly Fishing Louisiana Redfish

We are a 3rd of the way through November now and the fishing has not disappointed.  The Redfish are starting to to take on some of their wintertime patterns which I love.  These patterns include breaking out of there schools and spreading throughout the marsh, also sunning […]

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Fly Fishing from New Orleans in October

Fly Fishing New Orleans with Capt. Doug Henderson

  Well the month of October is gone but it left us with lasting memory’s of blue sky’s, clear water, no wind, and schooled up Bull Redfish.  The perfect weather just seemed to be relentless!  The wind just could not manage to best 10 mph all month […]

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October Fly Fishing in Louisiana

Louisiana Fly Fishing Redfish

October just received the cold front we were looking for!  The waters of the Louisiana Marsh are perfectly clear as of 3 day’s ago.  The Redfish are still schooled up nicely but some have fanned out around the waters of the marsh.  This makes for great fly […]

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Fly Fishing Louisiana’s Fall Redfish

Bull Redfish in Louisiana

September is almost here and with it comes cooler day’s, Bull Redfish, and clear water.  I alway’s look forward to the months spent over in Louisiana polling for these Big Reds.  By big I’m speaking of 30+ pound fish daily and lot’s of them.  It’s alway’s nice […]

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June Tarpon on the Florida Panhandle

Caught Apalachicola Tarpon

Well after having a few tough years due to weather here in Apalachicola we have been given a weather summer that could only be described as (PERFECT.)  The wind has been registering 0 till well into each afternoon.  The sun has been in full force each day! […]

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Fly Fishing in Louisiana During February

bull redfish on fly

It’s been a good season in Louisiana!  We have had our fair share of cold weather on the Marsh but all in all I think the shear number of Redfish on the flats when the weather was warm has been shocking.  Due to the very cold water […]

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2014 Apalachicola Tarpon Season

Tarpon Apalachicola

  We have all had a taste of the warm weather to come now switching our minds from everyone’s wintertime fish to the Girl’s and Boy’s of summer.  About two weeks ago I noticed my hand being guided by some unknown force to the purple and black […]

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January Fly Fishing in Louisiana

Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide

Still having a great time Saltwater Fly Fishing here in Louisiana just outside New Orleans.  January time and time again proves to be an awesome month to Charter Fish the Marsh.  The water is always crystal clear and Bull’s are in very shallow water making Sight Fishing […]

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January Saltwater Fly Fishing in Louisiana

double down in louisiana

The early January cold snap is gone and as you can see the Redfish have made their way into the Louisiana Marsh in great numbers!  We lost count today on how many were boated over 20 pounds.  Blue Sky’s Crisp clean air and to many Redfish to […]

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