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Fly Fishing Louisiana Bull Redfish in November

Louisiana Bull Redfish in November

November is approaching soon bringing cooler temps and Bull Redfish in plentiful numbers to the flats of the Louisiana Marsh.  The cool air temps will in turn lower the water temp which causes the sediments to settle more quickly.  The water’s of the marsh are then left […]

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New Orleans Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Bull Redfish

It’s November in Louisiana and the Bull Redfish are comfortably moved into the Marsh.  They can finally be found in the shallow ponds of the Marsh tailing and cruising the shores with exposed backs.  This is when Fly Fishing for the redfish is at it’s best in […]

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Louisiana Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Louisiana

Fall 2018 is almost upon us with cool weather and floating Bull Redfish just around the corner.  The Louisiana marsh has long been known as the location for multiple shots at Redfish over 30 pounds.  Fly Fishing this destination does not disappoint on the angling side of […]

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Louisiana Fly Fishing Redfish Guides

Redfish Guides Louisiana

December has come and gone but what a month we had here in Louisiana fly fishing for Redfish.  We experienced some fair weather as well as some cool cloudy weather.  The fish seemed to comfortable for most of the month and happy to be cruising the waters […]

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Louisiana Fly Fishing in January

Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide

Another great January in the books.  I love this month here in the Louisiana Marsh.  Cool clean waters make for great sight fishing opportunities to these big Redfish we have daily here in Louisiana.  Bull Redfish are plentiful in the Marsh during the fall and winter months. […]

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Fly Fishing Louisiana’s Fall Redfish

Bull Redfish in Louisiana

September is almost here and with it comes cooler day’s, Bull Redfish, and clear water.  I alway’s look forward to the months spent over in Louisiana polling for these Big Reds.  By big I’m speaking of 30+ pound fish daily and lot’s of them.  It’s alway’s nice […]

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some Sun & some Clouds

Louisiana Redfish

The last few day’s of 2013 were fun and challenging.  We had lot’s of fish around combined with very cloudy but calm conditions.  Persistence pays off again!  It really is fun to fish these conditions for Giant Bull Redfish in Louisiana.  You just get out there away […]

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Blue Sky’s & Bright Fly’s

Bull Redfish

Things are in full swing here in the Marsh of Louisiana!  The monster Bull Redfish are enjoying the sun of the shallows making for some cool Sight Fishing.  Blue sky has them high and happy right where we like them!  New Orleans really is an awesome wintertime […]

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New Orleans Fly Fishing Redfish

Fly Fishing Redfish

Happy Angler’s with their Louisiana Redfish!  Crazy weather in November with clouds and wind. As you can see the fishery still provides more shots to Fly Angler’s than needed to have a huge day on the water with Salted Flats Fly Fishing!  We are looking forward to […]

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Wind and Clouds and Bull Redfish

New Orleans Louisiana Fly Fishing

Clouds and Lot’s of wind the past few day’s has been the story in Louisiana.  It’s truly amazing how small a fishery can get once the wind crowds the 30 knot mark.  Thinking outside the box is the only way.  But those who brave the odds are […]

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