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Tarpon of a lifetime!

Florida tarpon Fly Fishing

A fish of a lifetime for both Angler and Guide.  A true dinosaur of 210lbs.  I have hooked a few of these mythical creatures in my career but up until now it has never lasted very long.  On June 20th at around 5pm we had the perfect […]

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July Fly Fishing off the Florida Panhandle for Tarpon

July Panhandle Fly Fishing Tarpon

Fly Fishing tarpon off the Florida Panhandle in July The 2016 Tarpon season off the Panhandle has been one for the books.  The weather has been relentlessly mild.  No wind on a daily basis and very little rain or thunderstorms.  The fish have been here like they […]

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Florida Panhandle Tarpon Fly Fishing

Warm weather this spring has brought us some great numbers of Tarpon to the Florida Panhandle. Beautiful weather following the rain of late April has allowed us to capitalize on the opportunity.  Blue sky and singles, doubles, groups, and strings of fish have accompanied us on a […]

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June Tarpon on the Florida Panhandle

Caught Apalachicola Tarpon

Well after having a few tough years due to weather here in Apalachicola we have been given a weather summer that could only be described as (PERFECT.)  The wind has been registering 0 till well into each afternoon.  The sun has been in full force each day! […]

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Florida Tarpon Fly Fishing Charters

Nothing like a HUGE reward for sticking it out on a cloudy, drizzly day!  We spent the day Sight Fishing to pushing fish sliding over some very skinny water.  After a couple of almost’s we hooked up to this behemoth female.  15 times into the backing….a long […]

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Migratory Tarpon in Florida are here!

Florida Panhandle Fly Fishing

      After a bit of a late start here on the Panhandle this season we are experiencing normal numbers of fish once again. The last week it has been very a welcomed experience to be sighting well over 100 Tarpon per day! These fresh girls […]

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Fly Fishing for Migratory Tarpon in Apalachicola

The Tarpon fishing off Carrabelle, Apalachicola, and Mexico Beach has been gangbusters for the last few weeks as the true Migration has really been moving through our waters.  We have been seeing in excess of a hundred fish per day!!  The Tarpon have really been eating well […]

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Fly Fishing for Migratory Tarpon off the Florida Panhandle

In the last 5 days there has been a substantial beginning to the migratory Tarpon push through the Carrabelle and Apalachicola waters.  These fish have really been eating I’d say every fifth fish has taken a swing at the fly!!!  Awesome days on the water and it […]

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Fly Fishing for Tarpon in Florida

Salted Flats Fly Fishing has been Apalachicola Florida Tarpon Fishing for  week now.  The weather has been a bit tough with some heavy winds and some clouds.  That’s to be expected this early in the season.  The will be settling into a summer time patter here in […]

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