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2014 Apalachicola Tarpon Season

Tarpon Apalachicola

  We have all had a taste of the warm weather to come now switching our minds from everyone’s wintertime fish to the Girl’s and Boy’s of summer.  About two weeks ago I noticed my hand being guided by some unknown force to the purple and black […]

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A beautiful day for a photo expedition in Northwest Florida

    Really enjoying the time leading up to Tarpon season in Northwest Florida with lot’s of high pressure and a perfectly clear atmosphere.  I spent the morning cruising up in some of the many rivers we have here to have a look at the abundant wildlife […]

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Northwest Florida Tarpon Fly Fishing

We have had a nice push of migratory (west bound) fish this week.  These fish are fresh and eating our clients fly’s very well.  Summer time Tarpon season is officially here in Northwest Florida.  It’s going to be a great summer of fly fishing for Tarpon!  Check […]

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Fly Fishing the Florida Panhandle for Tarpon

Apalachicola Fly Fishing

The summer Fly Fishing season is really heating up as the Tarpon have started there summer migration.  We have been getting really good shot’s lately with some great weather and plenty of fish willing to eat.  Looking forward to a great summer here in Nortwest Florida.

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