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October Louisiana Fly Fishing Charters

October Fly Fishing in Louisiana

The October Spawning Schools where in full force this fall when the weather was cooperative.  On the calm day’s these mature Bull Redfish were perfectly relaxed and seen fining the surface in large groups.  This behavior is allot of fun to witness and sight fish to.  On […]

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September Fly Fishing Charters in Louisiana

Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide

Well September did not go without it’s share of bad weather.  We had lot’s of thunderstorms during the month this year.  It seems the Gulf Coast had quite a bit of this from mid June till late September.  The Redfish on the other hand were in the […]

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March Fly Fishing Charters in Louisiana

Charter fish Louisiana Redfish

March is just about gone now and what a month it was for flats fishing the Louisiana Marsh.  The water temperature was perfect to get the big Bull Redfish up high in the water column.  When the fish float sight fishing conditions are perfect Fly Fishing!  It […]

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Blue Sky’s & Bright Fly’s

Bull Redfish

Things are in full swing here in the Marsh of Louisiana!  The monster Bull Redfish are enjoying the sun of the shallows making for some cool Sight Fishing.  Blue sky has them high and happy right where we like them!  New Orleans really is an awesome wintertime […]

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Wind and Clouds and Bull Redfish

New Orleans Louisiana Fly Fishing

Clouds and Lot’s of wind the past few day’s has been the story in Louisiana.  It’s truly amazing how small a fishery can get once the wind crowds the 30 knot mark.  Thinking outside the box is the only way.  But those who brave the odds are […]

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Thank you October

Fly Fishing Louisiana

The 2013 Louisiana Fall Redfish season is in full swing!  Except for a few 20-25 knot north wind day’s here and there we have had an excellent month.  Lot’s of blue sky’s and Bull Redfish.  Large number’s of Redfish really showed up back in September during the […]

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Day 2 Fly Fishing Louisiana Redfish

Louisiana Fly Fishing

An epic day Fly Fishing the Redfish of Louisiana.  We ended up with a 28 pounder and a 32 pounder today but whose counting!  The season just keeps getting better!  These Redfish were cruising along snacking on small shrimp so we offered them something a bit larger. […]

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Have you been Fly Fishing in Louisiana yet?

Louisiana Fly Fishing

  Another awesome October day here in the Louisiana Marsh!  As you can see from the photo’s we experienced some partly cloudy sky’s.  I think it’s important that Angler’s understand that imperfect weather can still turn out be very productive here in the Marsh.  This time of […]

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New Orleans Redfish Guide

The Saltwater Fly Fishing opportunities surrounding New Orleans, La are on fire!  We had yet another 40-60 shot’s at fish over 25 pounds lasting the entire day.  The water’s continue to be crystal clear in the Biloxi Marsh making Sight Fishing to our Bull Redfish gangbusters!  I’m […]

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Hopedale Fly Fishing Expeditions

A great day on the water out of Hopedale, La.  Bull Redfish in great number’s most of the areas we fished throughout the day.  We were on so many fish we ended hooking up on a stud while resetting the Fly Line in the Stripping Bucket.  Unbelievable!!  […]

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