Tarpon Fly Fishing

Apalachicola Fly Fishing


March-May Everglades National Park/Panhandle

June-September North Florida/Panhandle

Megalopse Atlanticus (Tarpon) are the best shallow water game fish the world has to offer.  Tarpon migrate in shallow water, eat fly’s just under the surface and may jump over 6 ft out of the water.  If you are looking for a fish that will  burn all your backing off your reel over and over again then look no further, Tarpon fly fishing offers just that.  With over 17 years of experience Salted Flats Fly Fishing specializes in the art of locating Tarpon and site fishing them along the disclosed and undisclosed fisheries up and down the Florida Gulf Coast.

March – May Tarpon trips are available in the Everglades National Park and the Florida Panhandle.

In June I relocate back up to the Apalachicola Bay Estuary located up on the Florida Panhandle. This system covers a 208 square mile area including Saint Joseph Bay, East Bay, St. George Sound, St. Vincent Sound, and Apalachee Bay.  Apalachicola Bay has long been known for it’s seafood, most of all it’s Oyster’s.  The realization or interest of Tarpon in the area however is not old knowledge.  Fly Angler’s have only been targeting Tarpon here since the late 90’s.  Salted Flats Fly Fishing heads off the migration of these fish during the spring and summer months of April, May, June, July, August, and September.  During these months Tarpon make an annual migration through the Panhandle waters.  They swim in depths of 1-8 ft. and willingly eat fly’s regularly.  The reason these Tarpon are so prone to eat is because they haven’t seen a boat in over a 140 miles, so they are as fresh as they will be at any point on their migration up the west coast of Florida.

All equipment will be provided.  However if you are comfortable with your own gear you are welcome to bring it along.

Apalachicola Fly Fishing

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