Apalachicola Tarpon

Tarpon Apalachicola


We have all had a taste of the warm weather to come now switching our minds from everyone’s wintertime fish to the Girl’s and Boy’s of summer.  About two weeks ago I noticed my hand being guided by some unknown force to the purple and black section of my fly tying materials.  The next thing I new I was holding 4 black Hackle feathers in my right hand and several purple Marabou feathers in my left.  I thought to myself briefly “I’ve been here before.”  So I got to work and some time later there were 10 flies resembling a version of Purple Death sitting on my Fly Tying table.  It was official Migratory Tarpon season would be here soon!  The summer months in Florida bring the greatest gamefish to swim the shallows of the Atlantic and Gulf coast of Florida.  Tarpon hit the shorelines, shoals, and barrier islands in great numbers along much of the states coast.  This makes the opportunity for Fly Fishing these fish perfect.  These fish swim in 1-10ft of water so sight fishing them is the best way to accomplish a hookup.  Summertime is North Florida or (the Panhandle) time.  During these months we experience a heavy push of fish migrating through the waters of Apalachicola.  Our fish eat fly’s very regularly and multi fish days are not uncommon.  There are still a few dates left so call today to book your charter for the 2014 Panhandle Tarpon Season!

Captain Doug Henderson