The winter has lost it’s grip on the Gulf Coast once again.  The water temps up word’s of 72 degrees in most parts of the Panhandle of Florida.  Historically this is a month early.  With these warming temps comes the King’s of the Florida Flats Tarpon.  Early season (April and May) offer undisturbed Fly Fishing to these fish.  The fish are fresh as they have come up to the Panhandle from the Mississippi River Delta and have been bothered yet.  This time of year represents the  the early migration through North Florida.  North Florida and the Apalachicola area get 2 migrations each spring and summer.  The first being the previously described.  The 2nd starts sometime around the end of May early June which is the migratory fish from down in south Florida.  It just so happens that these 2 groups of fish meat right where Salted Flats Fly Fishing guides Angler’s on a daily basis during the summer months.  We are looking forward this season as we do every season and look forward to having you on the boat with us!

See you soon!