Fly Fishing Louisiana RedfishLouisiana Bull Redfish Fly Fishing Louisiana Fly Fishing RdfishRedfish Fly Fishing LouisianaFly Fish Louisiana RedfishLouisiana Marsh Bull Redfish on FlyLouisiana Redfish Fly FishingRedfish Fly Fishing in LouisianaLouisiana Redfish on FlyRedfish Fly Fishing in LouisianaFly Fishing in LouisianaLouisiana Fly Fishing RedfishFly Fishing the Louisiana Marsh in December has alway’s been a good month to be hear.  The air temps have dropped and the water is alway’s crystal clear.  We have had an unseasonably warm fall but December had it’s share of cooler temps and it was a great month of Fly Fishing in Louisiana.  The Redfish during December are generally laid up all over the marsh in a state of relaxation.  They winter here because the waters for the most part stay in the comfort range.  Food is readily available at all times.  Lot’s of shot’s at 30+ pound fish in 10″ – 6′ of water.  I alway’s look forward to guiding the Christmas month here.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Captain Doug Henderson.