Fly Fishing Panhandle Tarpon

It’s midway through January now and we are all mentally switching gears to the fish we really love, Tarpon. Soon the waters of south Florida will begin too warm until the temps match the desired range for Tarpon to be comfortable. This happens generally at the end of February. If this will be your trip to the park it will not disappoint. The Everglades is a labyrinth of channels, basins, and edges teaming game fish like no other fishery. I will be located in Everglades City booking fly fishing charters for tarpon from March 16th – May 12th.

September Fly Fishing Florida Panhandle

The Everglades Tarpon during this time of year are the really large mature fish, ranging in weight from 100 – 150 pounds. The Tarpon move in and out of the backcountry basin systems via the outside edges allowing for great sight fishing opportunities.

The backcountry Tarpon can be found cruising around or laid up just under the surface of the many basins and creeks of the Ten Thousand Islands. Come stay in historic Everglades City and enjoy the vast beauty that is Everglades National Park. This really is one of my favorite places along the gulf coast to fly fish for tarpon during each season.

Charters Available:

March 16th – May 12th.

Contact me today to lock in your dates for the 2020 everglades tarpon season.

Capt Doug Henderson