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Spring is here and I will be heading to the Everglades from April 1st till May 15th for the spring tarpon season.  A few mid April and mid May dates are available still in this undisputed early season fishery.  May 20th starts the Panhandle season.  Our early season east bound migration is in full swing by this time.  These tarpon move from the Mississippi Delta to the Apalachicola waters among a few other staging areas across the north east gulf coast waters to feed and wait for the migrators from down south.  The southern fish will begin to hit north Florida the first week of June.  The Mississippi Delta fish will then move offshore with the spawning adults from the fisheries to the south on the full and new moons of June, July, and August.  I have dates available in early June and some in July as well as August and September.  Come join for the season of the Silver King.

Captain Doug Henderson