Louisiana Bull Redfish in November

November is approaching soon bringing cooler temps and Bull Redfish in plentiful numbers to the flats of the Louisiana Marsh.  The cool air temps will in turn lower the water temp which causes the sediments to settle more quickly.  The water’s of the marsh are then left perfectly clear.  The celestial bodies migrate to the southern hemisphere which pull the water from the north.  The marsh waters are now crystal clear and far shallower.  This combination provides the best fly fishing for redfish in Louisiana during the year.  The redfish will be most comfortable in the shallows as they prefer more mild water temps to the heat of the summer.  The sharks move out of the shallows in search of deeper warmer water leaving the redfish as the apex predator for the next 6 months.  The Louisiana redfish drops their guard at this point and can be found crawling the banks, tailing, and up high in the water column.  Fly Fishing the Louisiana marsh at this point is second to no other time of year.  Come enjoy New Orleans by night and the premier redfish fishery by day.

Captain Doug Henderson