Louisiana Bull Redfish

Bull Red in Louisiana Doubled up in LouisianaBull Red in LouisianaFly Fishing Louisiana RedfishBull Redfish in LouisianaFly Fishing Louisiana

September is almost here and with it comes cooler day’s, Bull Redfish, and clear water.  I alway’s look forward to the months spent over in Louisiana polling for these Big Reds.  By big I’m speaking of 30+ pound fish daily and lot’s of them.  It’s alway’s nice to get away from it all for the day and feel as though you and your Angler’s are the only ones fishing the Marsh.  The wetlands of Louisiana cover an area of 5,800 square miles, so there is room to rome.  In some area’s the Marsh can span 27 miles from mainland to Gulf.  These giant Bull’s can be found all over the March from tight little shallow ponds close to mainland all the way out to the spotty broken Marsh near the open Gulf.  Fly Fishing opportunity’s can present themselves as tailing fish, pushing fish, or giant floating orange masses.  The sight of a 30+ pound tailing Redfish is soon forgotten.  These tails can be more than 10 inches wide.  The fish you find pushing banks and shorelines are very exciting as shrimp and other fin fish pop out of the water ahead of them and make their position quite easy to locate.  Dorsal fins as well as large portions of their backs are routinely visible.  As for the floating fish, well that is nothing short of spectacular.  Sometimes it seems as the though the water is not even there.  Come enjoy the best Redfishery the world has to offer!


Captain Doug Henderson