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After a warm start to October we have had some very cool temps for the last 10 day’s and Redfish Sight Fishing in Louisiana has once again come into it’s own.  New Orleans will be the premier Redfish Sight Fishery for fly anglers this fall and winter.  The White and Pink shrimp, Mullet, Bull Minnows, and Crabs are covering every square inch of the marsh.  The Louisiana Marsh waters have become clean green in the last week with over 3 feet of visibility making it quite difficult for the fish to hide.   With the cooler temps fish have a tendency to hang in the upper third of the water column showing up bright orange against clear Gulf green water.  Our Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide Service will be polling the waters on the edge of the marsh all fall and winter hunting the 30+ pound Bull Redfish.  Come join us we have dates available in January, February, and March.

Captain Doug Henderson