Springtime on the Florida Panhandle is almost here! With spring comes the annual Tarpon migration up the gulf coast of Florida. Fly Fishing charters have been available in the northern gulf for a couple of decades now and this fishery is becoming one of the most sought after by fly anglers in search of the sheer exhilaration that tarpon fly fishing offers. The month of May represents the start of the panhandle fly fishing season for tarpon. We get a huge push of fish during May stock full of mature fish. These tarpon tarpon weigh in excess of 150 ponds generally. This is a great option for the fly angler that is in search of full grown tarpon.

Fly into Tallahassee and make the to 45 minute – 1 hour drive south into the tarpon fishery affectionately known as Location X. Tarpon in Location X are very willing to eat a reasonably placed fly unlike most of the other tarpon fishery’s. May represents the beginning of the panhandle season but these fish will use this area in north Florida for the next 5 months. Fly fishing opportunities for tarpon span from May – October yearly.

Come enjoy the tranquility of the northern gulf coast and tarpon that use this area during their spawning migration. Sight fish tarpon over the famous white sands of the north Florida as well as the beautiful grass flats. If the weather is in our favor it is possible to jump over 7 fish per day. Come join me in May for the kickoff of the Florida Panhandle tarpon fly fishing season!

Capt. Doug Henderson