Louisiana Fly Fishing

Joe haulin on a stud in October. Louisiana Fly Fishing.

Fly Fishing in Louisiana

A beautiful Day enjoying the Nutrient waters of the Biloxi marsh area of the Louisiana Coastline.

Fly Fishing the Louisiana inshore out of New Orleans.

Louisiana Fly Fishing.

Fly Fishing Louisiana

Southeast Louisiana offer’s Angler’s the chance to sightfish these Bull Redfish daily.


Another awesome October day here in the Louisiana Marsh!  As you can see from the photo’s we experienced some partly cloudy sky’s.  I think it’s important that Angler’s understand that imperfect weather can still turn out be very productive here in the Marsh.  This time of year the water becomes perfectly clear allowing sight fishing at it’s best but a day here and there can be low light.  These Redfish become huge here do to the massive amount Bio Matter (food) they are exposed to.   So even if  the low light is making seeing into water a bit tougher these Bull Redfish are so big they will give themselves away in other way’s.  Big Tails waving, crawling  the shallow’s with their backs out of the water, or pushing shorelines leaving wakes that are unmistakable.  Gotta love Fall and Winter in the Louisiana Marsh!

Captain Doug Henderson