Florida Panhandle Tarpon season

Mid May is a week away and I will be relocating from South Florida back up to the Panhandle in a few weeks.  I have been in the Everglades for the last 6 weeks guiding anglers through this famous laid up tarpon fishery.  In the last weeks there has been a significant push of fish heading north.  This signals that it is time to slide to the northern waters and head off the early season migration from the west on the Panhandle.  The Apalachicola estuary is an area where the fish from the south and west meet for the annual June/July spawn.  The Panhandle and northern Gulf of Mexico is the place to be late May – October if you are looking to get in front of large mature Tarpon.  The fly fishing opportunities in this region are considered to be some of the best in regards to keeping the shot to eat percentages up in the 80% zone.  I have dates available as listed bellow.

May 27th – 31

June 3rd – 11th

July 14th – 17th & 21- 31

August 12th – 24th

September is open as of right now.


Come join me,

Captain Doug Henderson