Florida Panhandle Fly fishing Tarpon Angler in Aplalachicola with tarpon Jumping Tarpon in North Florida Caught Apalachicola Tarpon Jump Tarpon in Apalachicola

Well after having a few tough years due to weather here in Apalachicola we have been given a weather summer that could only be described as (PERFECT.)  The wind has been registering 0 till well into each afternoon.  The sun has been in full force each day!  We have not seen rain to speak of since mid April.  The water as a result is emerald green making sight fishing Tarpon here as good as it get’s anywhere.  The fish have been very happy snaking high in the water column.  When this activity is observed a well placed fly is rarely refused.  Sad to see June pass to the stern on such a great season but we still have July and we will be looking forward to each and every day left!

Capt. Doug Henderson