Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide

Well it’a almost October which leads off the the best time of year for Louisiana Fly Fishing.  The fall and winter is the best time to be in Louisiana Fly Fishing if you are interested in the true (Bull) Redfish.  The cooler months are more comfortable for the truly big fish.  They move onto the flats surrounding the Louisiana marsh in great numbers as the weather cools.  They are in the marsh to feed in relative safety till late March.  Dolphins and Bull redfish will be the top predators in this ecosystem for the next 6 months.  The Jack Crevalle like you see above will move out to deeper water after the first substantial cold front.  But they will be around for another month.  Come on down to enjoy a day or day’s out in the famous redfishery that is the Louisiana Marsh.  Book your Charter today with Louisiana’s only exclusive Fly Fishing guide.

Captain Doug Henderson