November Fly Fishing in Louisiana

Bull Redfish fly fishing with Captain Doug Henderson.

Fly Angling in Louisiana for Redfish

November Fly Fishing Redfish in Louisiana for Redfish.

Louisiana Fly Fishing

Fly FIshing the Louisiana Marsh with Capt. Doug Henderson.

Fly Fishing Louisiana

Doubled up in the marsh of Louisiana with Bull Redfish.

Fly Fishing in Louisiana for Redfish

November in Louisiana offers fly fishing for Bull redfish.

Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide

Fly Fishing redfish in Louisiana during November.

Louisiana Fly Fishing

November Fly Fishing in Louisiana offers Bull Redfish in great numbers.

Louisiana Fly Fishing

Louisiana Fly Fishing Redfish during the month of November.

Louisiana Fly Fishing

November Fly Angling for Louisiana Redfish.

Another November in the books!  The weather this month was perfect with 3 micro cold fronts that kept the water temps from 50-62 degrees. The water has been Gin clear.  During the times the water has touched the higher temps the Bull Redfish had a tendency to school up a bit giving us glimpses of prior month fishing conditions.  If the fish were not schooled up they were hanging slightly off the bottom in the clear waters of the Louisiana Marsh in clear view for Fly Anglers’s.  Just a plethora of Blue Sky this month the sun seamed to be out 95% of the day’s.  The Shrimp were in the Marsh very thick which alway’s gets the Redfish fired up for surface feeding on Popper’s.  As everyone know’s a Redfish surface eat just doesn’t get old.  I love being a full time Louisiana Redfish Fly Fishing Guide and completely look forward to the rest of my 2014/2015 season.


Captain Doug Henderson