Louisiana Redfish

Monster Bull Redfish

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Coming off of the most severe Cold Front we have experienced this season left us with fish that had been a bit to cold to feed and move much for a few days on the Marsh.  The previous day’s we had to fish some other waters which were influenced by deeper warmer waters where the Redfish really had no idea how cold it was in the shallows.  These pictures were taken the 4 days following the cold weather as the waters warmed combined by some very hungry Bull Redfish.  Just look how full the girls are.  Gorged!  These Redfish were looking for anything.  They were moving 4-6 ft. for fly’s.  It was a blast with guy’s from PA.  7-10 fish over 25 pounds per day.  Gotta love the winter season in the Louisiana Marsh.

Captain Doug Henderson