Mardi Gras season and Louisiana Fly Fishing!  With Fat Tuesday a day away all the Saints are on there worst behavior and the city is bustling with festive Parades and Parties alike.  It’s time for food, fun, and flats fishing!  We hit the road for Hopedale this morning for a day of Fly Fishing for Louisiana Redfish.  The day before was riddled with very high winds upwards of 30 mph but this morning promised clearing sky’s and the winds to lay down which they did.  We had plenty of shot’s at the 5-10 pound range fish all morning and fed 2 and caught 1.  This afternoon we decided to try and find some bigger fish so from noon till about 2 we polled the deeper open Gulf water’s and got a couple of shot’s at 15-25 pound fish and caught 1.  Jay had a flight to catch so we left the water at 2.  As the afternoon progressed the bigger Redfish were definitely pushing back up on the Flats after seeking refuge from yesterday’s high winds in the deeper water.  Looking forward to tomorrow!  Tight Lines