The Louisiana marsh makes up a substantial amount of North America’s wetlands. On average the Louisiana marsh spans 15 miles from mainland to open gulf. There is near 7,000 square miles of fishable terrain. Louisiana saltwater fly fishing offers a lifetime of edges and basins beaconing to be found. It has been an honor to call this place home the last 10 seasons. I start guiding the Louisiana marsh every October and pole the flats through the end of February. During this time of year the bull redfish move into the shallows of the marsh in plentiful numbers. They are here for the abundant amounts of food from shrimp, mullet, crabs, and many other types of small baitfish that call this place home. The whole marsh is alive with bait. The redfish gorge themselves in the safe cool waters free from most predators for 5 months. They stand out against the clean green waters like a sore thumb. The orange of their bodies contrasts perfectly against the green of these waters. Come stay in New Orleans and enjoy the best that this one of a kind location has to offer. I have a few dates available so make sure to contact me so we can lock in your dates.

Captain Doug Henderson