Charter fishing Louisiana Redfish

Fly Fishing Charters in Louisiana with Captain Doug Henderson

Louisiana Redfish chaters

Fly Fishing Charters for Louisiana Redfish with Captain Doug Henderson.

Charter Fishing Louisiana

Fly Fishing Louisiana Redfish with Captain Doug Henderson.

Fly Fishing Louisiana Redfish

Charter Fishing Louisiana Bull Redfish with Captain Doug Henderson.

Charter fish Louisiana Redfish

Louisiana Fly Fishing Charters with Captain Doug Henderson.

March is just about gone now and what a month it was for flats fishing the Louisiana Marsh.  The water temperature was perfect to get the big Bull Redfish up high in the water column.  When the fish float sight fishing conditions are perfect Fly Fishing!  It is hard to miss a bright orange Redfish on the surface of the water.  The water has been very clean as the temperatures have still been down.  The clean waters of the marsh allow you to spot fish on the bottom as well as the surface.  A little under a month left for the Louisiana Redfish season until the fall.  It’s time to cherish each and every day left Charter Fishing the waters of this magnificent fishery.

Captain Doug Henderson