The Florida Panhandle and Big Bend make up the forgotten coastlines of North Florida. The region is lined with sleepy little fishing towns. The tarpon migration up and down the west coast of Florida and the Florida Key’s pulses. Which means fish are not located in the same location each day. The controlling factor of fish location is due to spawning. Tarpon want to be in the Apalachicola Bay staging area by the night of the full moons in June, July, and August. I fish an area that spans over 200 miles and offers the ability to move with the fish or when weather in one area is less desirable than another. The tarpon fly fishing flats are endless with the many rivers that cause shoaling through out the fishery. I have spent the last 17 years locating each and every single point and sand flat that tarpon cross during their annual migration from the Homosassa flats to Saint Joe Bay. This region of north Florida is far and away the best location to fly fish for tarpon. Shallow waters and flats that are miles wide which keep the waves at bay on the more windy day’s. The pressure on the fish is very low in the big bend and panhandle which helps feeding the tarpon. A well placed fly is rarely passed up. Panhandle tarpon fly fishing is an adventure into very tranquil remote locations. The road less traveled if you will. Unwind as we silently pole the skiff over pristine grass flats or along sand flats and edges that the tarpon use as they move north towards the staging areas in Apalachicola.

Part of the allure to this location comes in the form of ambiance. Engulf yourself in the local flavor. Each quaint little town offers something different. Choose a VRBO on the beach, A hotel or B&B in Apalachicola, or a golf course condo. Stay in the Alligator Point – Carabelle area and enjoy the more low key evenings or choose Apalchicola for a low-key but very “hip” bar and restaurant scene. Accommodations covering all price ranges may be found in each location. Local restaurants that are not be missed are as follows:

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Come enjoy the Florida Tarpon frontier,

Captain Doug Henderson