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Fly Fishing the Mississippi delta with Captain Doug Henderson.

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Louisiana Fly Fishing with Captain Doug Henderson

Fly Fishing Louisiana

Louisiana Fly Fishing with Capt. Doug Henderson.

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Louisiana Fly Fishing with Captain Doug Henderson.

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Fly Fishing with Captain Doug Henderson in Louisiana.

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Fly Fishing Louisiana with Captain Doug Henderson.

Well September did not go without it’s share of bad weather.  We had lot’s of thunderstorms during the month this year.  It seems the Gulf Coast had quite a bit of this from mid June till late September.  The Redfish on the other hand were in the Louisiana Marsh in great numbers.  They were busy doing the things they love like pushing and tailing shorelines enjoying the bountiful shrimp population available this time of year.  It’s good to be back here after spending the summer in Florida for Tarpon season.  I alway’s look forward to the Louisiana Redfish season.  Fly Fishing the Mississippi Delta is by far the best location for sight fishing Bull Redfish on shallow flats.  These Redfish grow in excess of 30 pounds here and frequently spend their time in the shallows of the Marsh.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the season!

Captain Doug Henderson