Louisiana Fly Fishing in SeptemberLouisiana Redfishing in SeptemberLouisiana Fly Fishing in SeptemberFly Fishing September Redfish in LouisianaSeptember Fly Fishing in Louisiana

As Tarpon season winds down and the flies we tie start carrying some lead jewelry and some with foam it’s time to start thinking about the schooled up Bulls.  September is a month away now and the water will be clearing up from it’s summer Algae bloom and the visibility will become just right.  Louisiana Redfish will be sliding into the marsh in great numbers very soon.  The fish that cruise the shores this time of year can be seen at great distance’s tailing on shrimp and crabs.  Many of the Redfish will be seen in large spawning schools which if you have not witnessed the water in a basin turn orange due to sheer numbers of Bull Redfish then I strongly recommend September as well as the following month.  Fly Fishing to schooled up Redfish with Poppers is completely worthy of big laughs and high fives!  It looks like La Nina has a tight grip on us this year so we should be looking at mild weather all the way through next summer! Come join us for the September Schools.

Captain Doug Henderson