Louisiana Marsh Fly Fishing

Happy new years everyone! With the new year, comes new hopes of trophy redfish site fishing in Louisiana. Louisiana marsh fly fishing offers anglers of all skill levels good clean shots at redfish in excess of 30 pounds on most day’s through the fall and winter. Cold

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January Fly Fishing in Louisiana for Bull Redfish

Fly Fishing in Louisiana

January is right around the corner and the Louisiana marsh is teaming with huge bull redfish now that winter has its hold on the region.  The shallow waters of the marsh are now hovering around the truly large Louisiana Bull’s comfort range.  The fish are happy and

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Louisiana Fly Fishing Charters with Captain Doug Henderson

Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide

Well it’a almost October which leads off the the best time of year for Louisiana Fly Fishing.  The fall and winter is the best time to be in Louisiana Fly Fishing if you are interested in the true (Bull) Redfish.  The cooler months are more comfortable for

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