A fish of a lifetime for both Angler and Guide.  A true dinosaur of 210lbs.  I have hooked a few of these mythical creatures in my career but up until now it has never lasted very long.  On June 20th at around 5pm we had the perfect string of events unfold.  We were set up on a classic tarpon trap when this fish showed up under low light and a dit of a swell.  The cast landed perfect and the biggest mouth I’ve seen engulfed the fly.  The fish made a full body exit from the water in massive gray hound jump heading out to the deep and rough water when she promptly decided that it was the wrong direction and made a 180 and crossed the bar for the shallows.  This was the lucky part.  We followed and poled in 18″s after her for about 30 mins where she wore her self in the low oxygen environment.  The only sound was wind and the Tibor Gulfstream as Angler and Guide were both caught in a state of euphoria and intense concentration.  We finally grabbed her around the 35 min mark.  We taped her knowing she had to beat 200lbs and she did by a fat margin!  I will never forget June 20th 2018.

The 2018 Tarpon season in North Florida has had it’s ups and downs but the migration is in full swing now.  The fish are stringing through the flats of north Florida in abundant numbers.  I just had July 10-12 as well as July 22-26 open up for Anglers heath reasons and I do not want to miss these day’s!  If your still hunting for dates this year do not miss out the fish showed up late this year and July will be a can’t miss month in North Florida.

Captain Doug Henderson